Ubiquitous Integration and time Synchronization (UbiITS) framework
My innovation, UbiITS framework offers a generic solution to address the technical complexities in building data capture and interactive systems. Its abstract software framework is highly extensible and customisable to any application requirements. UbiITS includes fundamental software components, deployment techniques, system level layer abstractions and reference architecture as a collection to enable systematic construction of simple to highly complex data-driven infrastructures. Technically, UbiITS is a toolkit for building real-time cyber-physical systems, linking physical-space where the interactions occur to the cyber-space where the computations are performed. The success of the UbiITS framework is its widespread applicability. UbiITS has been adopted in number of scenarios, such as analysing human-computer interfaces, capturing multi-user collaboration, constructing real-time human-in-loop systems, analysing psycho-physiological signals in high-speed driving, providing corrective interventions for cognitive impairments and physical activity tracking using wearable devices. UbiITS has opened up new lines of research in those disciplines where opportunities would not have been possible without it. This framework is still being actively maintained and used in a number of deployments both inside and outside the lab.