Musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) are often developed among workers carrying out non-sedentary jobs, performing forceful exertions, lifting or carrying loads, getting exposure to vibrations, undertaking repetitive bending, twisting, crouching, stooping, etc. Long term MSDs are developed by exerting excessive and repetitive strain to a specific muscle or bone which is generally linked to workers’ daily physical activities.
The AT-BAN system is developed for tracking physiological activities through various sensors and devices, networked around the human body. This system is intended to detect and analyse MSD risks by capturing accurate physical activities, thereby contributing to prevention and early diagnostics of work-related MSDs. The AT-BAN system allows integrating a wide range of wearable electronic devices into an operational wireless body area network, where data can be captured, analysed in real-time, or stored for post-process. Integrating cutting edge sensors and devices, AT-BAN enables acquisition of accurate, quantitative and repeatable data. This data can be used for providing personalised feedback, and creating a currently non-existent, yet widely usable benchmark.
AT-BAN has won the CIOB 2015 Premier Award for Digital Innovation